Let’s get to know each other a little bit better! Please, allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Vadim. K.Riez, and I am a Product photography ninja blade (and a little bite more than that) for hire.
My primary field of occupancy deals with commercial projects, product photography and various visual solutions.
In fact, I do not limit my technical expertise to single area of expertise. Listed below, you"ll find few highlights:

•  I Act as an active photography instructor and mentor,
•  Hold a Bf.a bachelor degree in fine arts and photography,
•  A certified Tamron GmbH and Nikon BV servicing technician
•  Have started my career in studio photography working with film 4X5 View Cameras,
•  Feature a 10 years experience of working as a CTO in large photography gear retail network,
•  Proficient in 3D modeling and image manipulation (rendering / compositing /retouching),
•  Have a vast hands-on experience with lighting complicated productions and photo-shoots,
•  Have real world hands-on experience in Preprinting for both, traditional and digital printing,
•  Work with cutting edge technologies and gear that allow me to explore, rather than exploit, technical gear,
•  Feature great organizational skills, needed to put together and pull off complex photographic productions,
•  Deliver productive resolutions and creative problem solving in management of photo shoots.

So, in general, I describe myself as a «Technical integration ninja».
And the best part is that I strive to combine all of these skills altogether, in order
to provide a distinct, daring and aesthetically neat visual solutions for my customers
Best Regards,
V.K. Riez
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